International students in English speaking universities

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International students in English speaking universities
Adjustment problems

With the brisk pace of economic globalization, higher education is becoming more internationalized as well. An increasing number of students choose to receive higher education abroad in countries like the US, the UK and Australia, where there are many world-class universities that are expected to provide high-quality education for both domestic and overseas students. However, due to various reasons, and often out of their expectation, international students inevitably meet kinds of problems and difficulties that hinder them from integrating with the new environment, especially heavily impact their life and learning at university. This essay will account for the difficulties that international students may encounter in their adjustment and achievement, using the Leslie and Smith (2004) and Andrade (2006) to support the points.

Emotion changes
Due to the cultural differences, most international students feel shocked. They leave home and parental care, studying in an unfamiliar country. Rajapaksa and Dundes (2000) discovered that international students felt more lonely and homesick than domestic students. “Their adjustment was affected by their satisfaction with social networks as opposed to the number of close friends.” (Andrade, 2006). In this case, international students may feel difficult to achieve the targets. On the other hands, international students can be easier to get angry because of lack of language proficiency then they often do not understand what is going on.

Passive VS Active
Based on the past study in their own countries, international student consider that learning is passive. However, now in English speaking universities, learning become more active. (Leslie and Smith, 2004) International students have difficulty understanding spoken English and have weak writing skills whereas students criticized instructors for their use of colloquial English...
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