D! - Suggest with Justifications, Ways of Improving Motivation for Staff Who Work in the Nhs

Topics: National Health Service, Motivation, Employment Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: January 30, 2013
(Distinction 1) Suggest, with justifications, ways of improving motivation in an organisation setting.

Motivation plays a vast part in the NHS as the people are the NHS's most important asset therefore staff need to make sure they are well motivated to ensure that jobs are done efficiently. Motivation is the desire to work that little bit harder. The NHS will try to improve motivating staff in order to achieve a desired goal and sustains certain goal directed behaviours. The NHS could offer improve motivation by their reward systems in order for workers to work harder.


Employee’s in the NHS such as nurses, administration staff and porters are more likely to be motivated by the pay because they won’t be earning as much as doctors and accountants. Therefore the NHS could give out additional pay such as bonus’s or by given their employees a pay rise each year they work for them. However some employees within the NHS may be working more for job satisfaction even if their job is not a well paid job such as a nurse.

Performance Related Pay

Another type of pay for employee’s within the NHS could receive performance related pay as it is a way of giving extra money to the employee’s on their performance over a certain period of three, six or twelve months. By doing this, the NHS staff about will maintain and improve the quality of patient care whilst managing workforce costs,

Pension Schemes

Anyone who starts working for the NHS automatically becomes a member of the NHS Pension Scheme.


Giving more bonus’s to staff in the NHS could be another motivating factor even if it’s only a little increase in the amount they receive.

Relocation Fees

A relocation fee is money that is paid to an employee from the organisation to help them cover the costs of moving location as part of their job or getting a new job. I believe this would be a good idea for the NHS as some hospitals need more staff therefore if the NHS...
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