A Model of Contextual Motivation in Physical Education

Topics: Motivation, Self-determination theory, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: September 7, 2009
Valentin DRAGAN

A model of Contextual Motivation in Physical Education: Using Constructs From Self-Determination and Achievement Goal Theories to Predict Physical Activity Intentions Martyn Standage, Joan L.Duda, and Nikos Ntoumanis Journal of Educational Psychology 2003, Vol 95, No. 1, 97-110 The increasing number of children and adults adopting sedentary lifestyles has become a growing concern in recent years. The lack of physical activity have great effects on the child's health ,being a significant contributor to child obesity, and may have ramification for health across the lifespan . An active lifestyle as an adolescent will lead to a Physically active lifestyle as an adult , and understanding of the diverse motivational processes involved in varying levels of PE student contribution is a main concern for researchers. Participation in PE has been shown to decline with age , thus optimizing the motivation of children in PE settings and virtually impacting physical well-being among general population is a fundamental interest. The purpose of the study was to examine a model of student motivation in physical education that incorporated constructs from achievement goal and self-determination theories. Participants were 328 children from two secondary schools , located in predominantly middle class areas, and data were collected from several classes taught by seven PE teachers. The children were asked to respond to a questionnaire evaluating their perception of PE class climate, autonomy , competence, relatedness, motivation and leisure-time physical intentions. PE is a obligatory subject in this context, therefore all participants were required to participate in the lessons. Self- Determination Theory - is a theoretical approach of the motivation process of the students engaged in PE. The motivation adopted by the individual is influenced by the degree to which the mediating needs such as autonomy, competence, and relatedness are satisfied by what is...
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