A Journal Article Review of ‘Performance-Reward Instrumentalities and the Motivation of Retail Salespeople’

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A Journal Article Review of ‘Performance-Reward Instrumentalities and the Motivation of Retail Salespeople’ (Teas, 1982) BSc International Business and Languages: Understanding Global Organizations

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Article Outline
The journal article that I have to chosen to critically review is ‘Performance-Reward Instrumentalities and the Motivation of Retail Salespeople’ (Teas, 1982). It examines the Vroom Expectancy Theory of Work Motivation (1964), which asserts that a person shall behave or act in a certain manner based on the expected result that they believe will emerge. Fundamentally, it determines that a person has no inducement to perform in a certain way unless he/she believes that behaving in that manner will result in an expected outcome (Brown, 2011). Although this article was written nearly 30 years ago, the fundamentals expressed in it are similar to the society that we live in today. Teas examines how employers are motivated and shows that not all performance rewards should be based on monetary items (e.g. bonus, wage increases etc). A survey was composed to determine this theory and Teas received 93 usable responses at a response rate of 56%. The survey consisted of measuring the employee’s locus of control, feelings on leader initiating structure, consideration and organizational feedback. Once more, Teas explored core task variables and instrumentality. He composed the survey quantitatively as opposed to qualitatively so that employees could answer it by estimating the probability of statements from “1 = no chance” to “5 = certain to occur”.

Reasons for Choice of Article
When I read this article, I felt that I could contribute a lot to the methodology that this article is based on as I have a high interest in the management of the retail environment. This article concludes that employee motivation can be enhanced by employing “internal-control-orientated individuals” creating varied and significant tasks for employees to carry out, providing “performance evaluation feedback” and lastly engaging into “participatory, considerate, personal-relationships-orientated supervisory” I am aware of this as I have extensive retail experience over a five year period. The article shows practicality, coherence and appropriate methodology but lacks quality control in certain parts, and I shall examine this more further. The three articles that I am going to contrast it to are as follows -: “The Most Powerful Position in Retail:  How a great store manager can motivate a team and dramatically improve customer relations and sales” (Deenan, 2005) Mr Deenan demonstrates in his article how having the right person in the right job can enhance productivity, employee morale and sales. Thus he creates the vitality in that rendering employees sufficiently yet efficiently can boost employee morale, motivation and the subconscious atmosphere in the work place. 2.    ‘The relationship between psychological climate and work motivation in a retail environment’ (Woodard, Cassill, & Herr, 1994). The article affirms that a psychological climate in the work place can contribute to the work motivation for employees, positively or negatively, and thus management can benefit from this information by encouraging work motivation through reward and incentive strategies, human resource management and through doing this employers can motivate employees to more earnestly and purposefully. 3. ‘Making working in retailing interesting: A study of human...

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