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A Response to Alicia C. Shepard’s “A’s for Everyone!”

Alicia Shepard, a college professor, addresses a very touchy subject in her story “A’s for Everyone”. Many of her students often argue that “hard work” should be taken into consideration when the professor is calculating final grades. However, college students should be strictly graded for the work they turn in because it is unfair to other students, it teaches them a sense of self worth, and because it is a good dose of reality.

College students who expect to receive a higher grade due to the effort they put into a course are completely delusional. Colleges and Universities that grade on a numerical scale give a total number of points at the end of the quarter. If a student didn’t study for a test, it reflects on the test score; whereas a student who did study receives a better grade. It would not be the least bit fair to give the student who did not study the same grade as the student who did study simply because they tried. At the end of the quarter or semester, the numbers don’t lie.

A student who argues the point that they tried very hard in a course, therefore they should receive a higher grade, does not receive the value of what their work is worth. If one professor changes a students grade for the effort they put into the class they are teaching that student to expect the same leniency from other professors. A strict grading policy will teach students what their work is worth and to receive a better grade, they need to work harder.

Many young people who enter college are also entering a new world away from their parents. This is a time for them to put effort into their future, but, a college professor who is flexible with grade changing is not teaching the tough luck of the real world. Reality is, if a student wants the best grade possible, they will put all efforts into improving their grade rather than waiting until the final grades come out to complain.

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