working students coping ojt requirements

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The purpose of this research was to determine the common problems and coping styles of CBA working students and there OJT requirements. Also it is an attempt to test if there is no significant difference between common problems and coping styles of CBA Working Students.

We choose this topic because as we observed that their are so many working student. We all know that being a working student is not easy. We have to see if coping OJT Requirement is effective, despite the fact that they are also working.

Some of working student can apply their OJT requirements in their work like office staff, clerical secretary, etc. But most of the students are working in the foodchain. We would also like to determine how these working students who are taking their OJT in a foodchain can fit their work experience to their requirements of on –the-job-training.

Learning the different style coping style of student can be a great help in any school guidance program. It will help the teacher to understand better the behavior of the working student in the classroom and in effect facilities learning. The school administrator, becoming aware of the difference of the student in the same circumtances can implement rules with more understanding.

Being a working student is not an easy life to get into – time and boundless patience are needed but it can be exciting and fulfilling too. While others have the choice of making their college education a full-time commitment, working students must juggle the work and school to pursue their dreams. Aside from studying their lessons for the upcoming exams, making research and assignment, beating the project deadlines, working student are also tied up with their part-time job that should be carry out everyday. Wow, it’s so strenuous and sometimes frustrating if they miss their class because of work schedule conflicts. I’ve been in this situation before when I’m in my sophomore year in College, and it’s a very tough but rewarding experienced. I was compelled to work as a part-timer after my parents couldn’t sustain my daily allowances as two of my siblings were enrolled in College all together. Now I realized that this  may be one of the reasons why some students are applying to become a working student because of their parents can’t afford to send them to schools. By the way, I worked as a utility in one of the fast food chain in down town Cebu, just a corner away from my school. I need to manage my time wisely and not to compromise my study as I am maintaining grades to stay as a University scholar. Though, I stopped working after my eldest brother got his diploma in higher education. But working at the same time studying is really satisfying and no regrets of choosing this option. I am proud of being a college working student for more than a year. Though, one of the downside is my valuable time with my friends, classmates and family were greatly affected as I always put off earlier plans to hang them around because of lots of things needs to be done. I have the responsibilities in the school as well as in my workplace. Both are important to me and should go harmoniously. Therefore, I would say that time management and strong determination are the two essential positive attitudes for a working student to become successful.

Many students are faced with the challenge of working while going through school. Juggling both of these life situations can be tricky, as studying and learning are the main goal, however, a student must perform well while at work too. Both can be managed with a few tips and plenty of practice. Time management is key when fulfilling both roles. It is very important to be able to balance your time appropriately between work and school. In order to manage your time well, the first...
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