Women, Motivation, and Top Management

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Starbucks Pages: 4 (1403 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Case study 7: “Women, Motivation, and Top Management”

1. Contrast the motivation needs of the corporate women discussed here and explain each woman’s motives in terms of Maslow’s need hierarchy

Each of the women had different approach in terms of their needs.

First one, Ellen Marram, was a high achiever. She studied at the prestige oxford university, found good jobs right afterwards, and was promotes 4 times in RJR Nabisco. This woman was very eager with her determined goals, always aimed for innovations, and that’s the reason she soon became an obvious candidate for CEO position. She didn’t consider the fact that she is a woman as an obstacle. She felt that her success had nothing to do with gender. Within the company, she was viewed as very competitive, even among men. She was motivated by her personal growth. She wasn’t concerned by what others think, she was interested only in fulfilling her own potential. We can also say that she was self-aware. She focused her attention on herself, and behaved in order to satisfy her internal standards and values.

It leads us to the conclusion that she reached the top of Maslow´s hierarchy – self actualization /self-actualization according to Maslow is "intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately of what is the organism itself...self-actualization is growth-motivated rather than deficiency-motivated. “/

Roxane Decyk was different. She worked for Navistar Corporation for about seven years. She started as a corporate secretary and now, was promoted as a senior vice president of administration. Contrary to Ellen, she was a hard worker. She achieved this position by moving step by step, worked through smaller positions to get to the position where she was now. She believed that it was much more difficult for a woman to achieve higher position, but didn’t struggle with it. She was conscious that she had different managing features that men, and that these features are very...
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