why student drop out college

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 Reasons why students drop out college

No one said that going to college would be easy, and many students find out the hard way. Complete your education in school is very hard and stressful. Numerous students have to do innumerable chores such as writing, do projects and attend to labs. Only the 30 percent of students finish the four years of college education while the rest students leave for many reasons. It is very sad how many students give up, and they believe that education is not for them. Although we live in the country of opportunities, there isn’t anything that we can do. America is one of the most serious issues we face. There many debate in the congress to how make solutions for the children of today will be leader of tomorrow, but it is still hard. Numeral Companies offers scholarship for the students with amazing GPA and the government cuts funds money in financial aid. There is no a clear solution about financial aid or the loans. Higher is your education, is more expensive you are going to pay. Students don’t be focus to go to the universities because they know the hard that it is going to be. As a result, time and money are two important reasons why students drop out in college.

One the reason is time. Young people believe they’re doing it for a short time. Suddenly, when they realize time has passed by, they have more chores and responsibilities than before. Later, it becomes harder to get back to studies since they have their time scheduled for other matters. One of those matters could be a job or even their own family. Absence in class, numerous students miss innumerable assignments for the reason not to be enable to come to class; as a result, they fail. However you can develop a flexible schedule such as keeping your work with you. If you find yourself an extra time, you can get something done. Finally, students can’t work and studies in the same time, students are focus in their work...
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