Why Do We Go to University ?

Topics: University, Higher education, Academic degree Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: November 22, 2011
From my viewpoint, university is the very important period for people to become more successful. By studying at university, students attain a lot of advantages which are useful for them after graduation. Although there are some very successful people who haven’t got university degree, I strongly believe that entering university brings a lot of benefits for us because of some following reasons. First of all, people learn how to live independently when studying at university. Most of universities locate in modern city, urban or suburban while most of students live in countryside or poor places. Therefore, they live far away with their families when becoming students. They must take care of themselves. They face and overcome many obstacles in strange places. In some cases, the students do part time jobs to earn extra money for hired room or tuition. Without family next them, they learn how to mature and overcome difficulties. Secondly, the students can make friends and open their relationship in university. There are many kinds of people coming from many areas of one country or more than one country. Consequently, university is valuable place for students to learn more about the culture and improve soft skills such as communication and discussion. Moreover, together with their friends, students join social activities inside and outside university. Through them, students can understand more about the society and gain some experiences which are necessary to apply for a job after graduation. Finally, university is good and basic background to get higher education such as master or doctor degree. Without university certification, people can’t enroll any master or doctor program. Nowadays, technology develops very fast day by day. One thing which is new today can be out of date tomorrow. Therefore, we always desire to get higher education in our society. Last but not least, Bill Gate is good example about person who is very successful without finishing university....
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