What Makes a Good University

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Question 2

In the field of higher education, higher vocational school is just as important as research­based university. Pragmatic measures must be taken to guarantee the implementation of the “vigorous development of vocational education.” The four elements that make a good university are as follows: tangible assets, human resources, university culture and operational system. The four elements are interdependent rather than isolated from each other. -------------------------------------------------

It should be ensured that “Institutions of higher learning should be geared to the needs of society, run independently and practice democratic management in accordance with law.” (Article 11, Higher Education Law of the People’s Republic of China) After all, different students will look upon different factors when compiling their opinion. For example, a student seeking an athletics future will obviously be looking for a university that has an outstanding reputation for providing a high standard of athletic programs and facilities. Whereas a student who chooses to indulge themselves in a physics program will be looking to the level of laboratory facilities and teaching level of the professors. There are however a few common traits that every student will look for when making their decision about the ‘greatness’ of the university. A few of these include: Standard of Faculty

The standard of the faculty members in any program is an important factor to consider. Obviously each student will react differently to the teaching methods offered by their professor, but some faculty members will have more experience than others and will have picked up certain styles or methods that they know to work well. Others are just natural teachers, or will have a personality that is easier to relate to. The standard of the faculty members within a school is probably one of the main factors taken into account when considering the ‘greatness’ of the institute. Facilities

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