University Case Study Erd Problem

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University Database (DRAW THE CONCEPTUAL AND PHYSICAL MODELS) •A university has a set of schools, each school is headed by a dean. A school has a number of employees who work for it. They may be staff members (Who hold professorial rank) or administrators. A dean is a staff member and may teach classes and he/she belongs to administrators as well. •Staff members may carry one or more academic degrees, a degree instance consists of the degree title, subject, year, School and University.(Weak Entity) •Each school is composed of one or several departments. Each department offers several courses and it has several staff members (Fan Trap), one of them is the department head. The department must have exactly one department head. •A course has a number of credit hours. It has classes which may be sections, labs or lectures. •Each staff member can teach up to four courses from the list of courses offered by the department he/she belongs to, or may teach no courses at all. And the same course can be taught by 1 or more lecturers at any given semester and year. •We may need to find out which academic level was taught by a specific professor a specific course, using a specific book .(relationship attribute) •Staff members recommend one or more text books for the courses they teach. A text book can be recommended for one or more courses and a given course can be taught from one or more text books. (Ternary relation) •A student has a unique ID, Name, DOB(day, month, year), Address, City, GPA •A student is associatd to a single department as his/her Major department (partial participation) , starting their third academic year, and associated to another department as his/her minor (2 relationships). The major and minor cannot be the same. Each student may enroll in up to 6 courses at any given time and each course may have up to 35 students in it. •Some courses cannot be taken by a student unless he/she already passed their prerequisites, if any. Course...
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