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Chapter 1
The hotel and restaurant management is the world's largest industry and offers unrivalled opportunities for an exciting and rewarding career, though the outlook for employment in this industry is rapidly growing. With the increasing demand for highly skilled hospitality managers there has never been a better time to gain a qualification in this dynamic global industry. The Hotel and Restaurant Management program responds to this challenge with a comprehensive blend of practical and theoretical courses driven by hotel industry. The HRM curriculum combines courses in business administration, communications, quantitative studies, the humanities and the sciences, with in-depth courses in foods, foodservice systems management, hotel operations and human resource management to provide a strong base for professional success.

On the recent enrollment at Laguna State Polytechnic University SPCC, students of Hotel and Restaurant Management course gradually increased, this shows that many students are giving interest in the course. Based on the previous research, the course is now being recognized as one of the top courses to be taken in the country. One of the benefits of choosing this course is that the student can learn about knowing the right managerial skills in handling a Hotel and Restaurant and also learning about the different kinds of foods that they can cook. Though this course is not only to learn about cooking, one should've studied culinary arts for that, but primarily to have the knowledge, skills, and the right preparations for a student to be ready to handle supervisory and management positions in hospitality management. For students to be trained under an instructor in a practical setting of a restaurant or any other similar establishment, the right mindset and attitude must be present. The performance of a student in managing even just a small business serves as an enhancement of their knowledge and skills. It works as a substantial internship for future work and management. One of the factors in choosing the course, is being chosen and going out of the country to train and learn more about the industry that they have chosen. The experience that the students gain will be a valuable asset in finding a job or taking up Master’s Degree. The importance of choosing Hotel and Restaurant Management course is it will be the building blocks for the success in the future. Students need to be more attentive and interested in this course because it will help them to be prepared for their job in the future.

Through studying this course students will become an effective and competent manager in the future. They will be prepared to take what they’ve learn here and go forward to undertake successful management roles within any of the hospitality sectors, namely, hotels, restaurants resorts and clubs.

This course will enable freshmen student to advance their career to senior level so they can operate effectively at a strategic level in this increasingly competitive sector. While learning how to apply theory to complex problems, they will also gain an advanced understanding of business disciplines, including marketing, human resources, finance and operations management on an international level. Understanding how to be a leader, how to work with people and how to increase profits in hospitality businesses are all vital skills, and will be studied through the course. Special emphasis will be placed on preparing students for the trends in globalization which will be prevalent in tomorrow's hospitality industry. Hotel and Restaurant students will acquire the competencies they need to be industry leaders in the competitive hotel and restaurant business environment. In order for them to achieve success in this industry, they need to have the ability to get along with all kinds of people under all kinds of conditions. the people they must deal with in this industry, guest...
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