University and Scholar Ship Funding

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Should college athletes be paid?
Thesis: Amateur athletes at the major college, should not be paid for college sports; instead college athletes should be thankful they are receiving full four year scholar ship funding, that is treated like a pro contract where it can be terminated if one was injured or a recruiting mistake.

I. Should Ncaa Athletes be paid?
A. Study shows that March Madness has become a huge become a huge business in the college sports scene. B. The Ncaa make a 6 billion dollar revenue off broadcasting the teams and also athletic conference’s receive millions of dollars if there team advances in the tournament. C. College athletes don’t get to see any of the money, as they risk career ending injuries all the time as they step on the court, field, and rink.

II. Why should college athletes be paid?
A. Research shows that division 1 scholarships are 25,000 per year which equal 100,000 for the course of four years. B. Being athlete is a full time job there is little to none time for working for extra money for the student. C. Athletes earn their schools thousands of dollars, increased in enrollment, and great recruiting prospects for the later years.

III. Why shouldn’t college athletes get paid?
A. There are less popular teams in the college scene that does not make the university a lot of revenue, so why pay if all are struggling B. Instead of receiving a salary college athletes need to be worried about achieving a degree. C. Players are receiving an advanced education at universities and colleges that thousands of Americans can’t attend.

IV. Conclusion:

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