Uniform at University

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Uniform at University
This essay will examine the positive and negative aspects of wearing university uniform. University uniform is implemented at some universities in the world. The universities of Kurdistan Region do not implement it. Uniform has both positive and negative aspects. Everyone has his/her own point of view about university uniform. Some people think that aside from positive aspects of uniform; it also has negative aspects.

The positive aspects of wearing university uniform can be promoting equality among the social classes, saving time, keeping more money, and seriousness.
Uniform sometimes can promote equality among university students. This can be revealed by hiding their social classes. Especially, in our country, we have a number of poor people. Also we have poor students who do not have a good financial source to support them. In addition, they might not have enough money to buy all the necessities which they need for their studying courses. If university uniform implemented at universities, it could hide some of the differences between the rich and the poor.

Moreover, saving time similarly to the previous point is one of the positives of uniform. Furthermore, some of the university students spend a lot of time in choosing, buying, and arranging the clothes which they wear during university courses of studying. So wearing uniform at universities saves more time for students, and they could spend that saved time with educational exercises.

Furthermore, keeping more money is one of the benefits of uniform. If students do not wear uniform, they might spend a lot of money in buying modern and expensive clothes. Consequently, wearing uniform might help students keep more money, and they can use that money for any other useful tasks which they intend to do.

Lastly, seriousness could be another one positive aspect. In addition, most of university students waste a lot of time with caring about modern clothes, so this affects their...
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