Types of Non-Financial Motivation

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The strengths of job rotation are that it reduces boredom, increases motivation and helps employees better understand how their work contributes to the organization. An indirect benefit is that employees with the wider range of skills give management more flexibility in scheduling work, adapting to changes and filling vacancies. However job rotation is no without drawbacks, training cost increase, and productivity is reduced by moving a worker into a new position just when efficiency at the prior job is creating organizational economies. Job rotation also creates disruptions when members of the work group have to adjust new employee. And supervisors may also have to spend more time answering questions and monitoring the work of recently rotated employees. Applied side of job rotation

* At Hassia Packing Ltd, a Pune-based custom packing machine shop, workers are trained to work on all parts of the assembly so that they can work on the necessary part of the machine as per the incoming orders. * Future group, in trying to overcome attrition, uses job rotation. This large retail chain has professionals working in various departments in rotation. For example, employees in marketing and finance may work in HR and logistics and vice versa JOB ENRICHMENT:

The strength of job enrichment is that it reduces absenteeism and turnover costs and increase satisfaction but not all enrichment programs are equally effective, frequent and specific feedback related to solving problems was linked to consistently higher performance, but infrequent feedback that focused more on past problems than future solutions was much less effective. Job enrichment works best when it compensates for feedback and reward system. Applied side of job enrichment

* The University of New Mexico provides Job enrichment through cross-training to learn new skills and job rotation to perform new tasks in another position * Two university employees held...
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