Types of Motivation in Advertising

Topics: Motivation, Advertising, Human Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Ben Slagle
Presentation Summary
April 14th, 2014
Dr. Hanley

Advertisement Presentation Summary
In the world we live in, advertising is everything. From the local business offering a trade in deal on a billboard, or a new mother posting a picture of her baby on Facebook, all forms of advertising surround our world. When we see an advertisement, why do we act the way we do towards them? It all comes down to the motivation behind the advertisement, and the way it is supposed to make one feel. There are many types of motivation for advertisements out there, and here are a few. To start off, there is the “Incentive” approach. What incentive advertising does, is it lures its target audience into being a part of something, or purchasing an item by the use of reward. Humans naturally are a selfish race. In saying that, humans are always looking for what they can get out of something even if it requires them also doing something in return; as long as there is some form of take-away. This style of motivation, among a few others, is one of the most effective forms of motivating an audience through advertisements. On the flip side of the incentive approach, is the fear form of motivation. Fear is in every human. Every single human that has and will walk this planet is afraid of something. The fear form of advertising appeals to those worries and frights that the audience carries. The tactic is used to scare individuals in to doing something purely because they are trying to prohibit an outcome of what might happen. In business, there is an analogy that is often reflecting of the traits of the incentive and fear approaches, it is called the “Carrot and Stick”. The use of the carrot is the promised reward in a circumstance whereas the stick is used to instill fear in the subject for not cooperating properly. Both of these types of motivation are very useful, and definitely get any message across. Next there is the achievement type motivation. This specific approach...
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