To Study the Motivation Level of Employees in Hospital

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This is to certify that the project titled “To Study The Motivation Level of Employees of Hospital” is an original work of the Student and is being submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the Master’s Degree in Business Administration. This report has not been submitted earlier either to this University or to any other University/Institution for the fulfillment of the requirement of a course of study.


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This report is prepared in the partial fulfillment of the MBA course as final project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have directly or indirectly contributed towards the completion of this dissertation and without whose help the report in the present form would have not been possible. My special thanks goes to _______ (HR manager), and all the staff of ___ Hospital for extending their full cooperation in data collection and providing useful information vis-à-vis the institute. I am deeply indebted to __________ for being my guide and helping me at every stage of this project.

I would also like to thank ______ for providing me this unique opportunity as a tool of self learning.


The research report is the part and parcel of MBA from ____________. The project forms essential part of practical learning by employing research techniques and implied tools and blending the theoretical knowledge to achieve the desired results.

Happy and motivated workers are the assets of any organization more so for the business organizations. In today’s world of dynamism and competitiveness, human resource management is the most important element to retain the organization viability. To keep them moving with an inner drive to achieve organizational objective is therefore of utmost importance. But this inner drive cannot be created when there is a mismatch between the needs, desires, aspirations and expectations of employees and the fulfillment of the same in the organization. This mismatch would reflect in every action the employees perform thus resulting in varying levels of motivation level. This mismatch or gap needs to be bridged effectively. Hence the need for a study on employee motivation.

Now this raises the question as to what motivation is? Motivation though described and defined variously can be termed as the inner drive of a person or individual to excel in his area of work/function or even hobby. It would be discussed elaborately in the following pages as the efforts through this study has also been to understand the meaning and various aspects of motivation and study the impact of the same upon employees of an organization or institute which is ______________

The objective of the study is to get familiar with the actual proceedings in the institutes/enterprises and judge the motivation levels prevailing within. The experience, which is obtained while undergoing the study, is unique and it provides valuable insight into what goes into the psyche of an employee and how it affects his motivation as well as performance level and the overall organizational objective.

I have tried to collect all the related and relevant data of organization required for my project and evaluate the same for best possible analysis. The information and various data were obtained through personal discussion with lower rung staff as well as with junior, middle and top level management personnel in various sections of the hospital.

The study not only has enriched my knowledge on various practical aspects of motivation but hopes, in all humility, to rekindle a sense of greater responsibility and spark a new approach...

References: □ Easterby-Smith M. et al (1991) Management Research: An Introduction, Sage Publications, London.
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