To Improve the Online Grading Portal in ACLC College of Apalit

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A. Summary

Technology is a partner of life. It helps people to makes life easy and improves the lifestyle of our society. The purpose of the study is to improve and the innovation of the grading system rather online grading portal in ACLC College of Apalit. This is reliable, fast, and accurate information through our online grading portal by checking of the grades and updates of the students, posting updated grades for the professors of ACLC College of Apalit through online. The online grading portal is developed for our students and professors of ACLC College of Apalit. This program is a web based program to accumulate a small number of time rather than going to the campus, just to check grade. In able to create the portal, the researchers make a little interview for the professors if this program helps and to be satisfied. Some survey for the students and some research online and in library. B. Conclusions

If the system/ website will be commended or approve everyone will be take the advantage. Because as we all know we are computer school and we are lack of the technology compare to the other universities we are lack of speedy information like the said proposal

C. Recommendations
To develop further more to our website/online grading portal you can add the quizzes, attendance and a formula to compute the grades if you are admin and improve the design of the website and the content of the website add more widgets and embed that relate to the particular grading portal
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