Theories of Motivation

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Complete the following matrix. When presenting real world examples, do not use the examples listed in the text.

Theories of Motivation
Theory Type
Key components of the theory
Real world example
Similarities and Differences
Instinct Theories
Motivation from biologically
programmed behaviors occurring in response to environmental cues. A woman hears her child screaming and seeks to find out why? Pertains to our basic needs to protect, learn, or need , such as food, clothing, and shelter. Evolutionary Theories

A researcher who applies the theory of evolution to explain the psychology behind behaviors.
A person is afraid in their home at night, therefore they instinctively want to protect themselves as a primal behavior. Generally referres to the concept that we have basic instincs such as a need for protection and survivial skills. Drive Theories

A tension arising from within physiological systems that motivates action to reduce them. If you get a substance in your eye, you want to wash it out to make the pain go away. Usually deals with biological needs such as thirst, hunger, or sex. Arousal Theories

The theory that we are motivated to
seek out a particular level of arousal.
Persons who like to drive for nascar seek the thrill of speed on the race track. Defines the actions we take to achieve arousal of our senses which we find stimulating. Incentive Theories
Motivation that focuses on
the reward or payoff for behaviors.
A child who works hard for an extra long recess at school.
Defines a persons actions when they will have a reward for a particular behavior or action. Hierarchical Theories
Maslow’s theory that each level of need depends on satisfying lower levels. Being motivated to pay your rent before you would make vacation plans. Defines our actions by explaining that we will satisfy our basic needs before satisfying higher needs.

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