Theories of Motivation

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Complete the following matrix. When presenting real world examples, do not use the examples listed in the text.

Theories of Motivation
Theory Type
Key components of the theory
Real world example
Similarities and Differences
Instinct Theories
Motivations that is born within a person at birth that is biologically programmed into our behaviors. When I was a kid I remembered playing in the kitchen and the stove was on an I can remember touching it my first instinct was to snatch my hand back fast. Instincts are a pattern that is found in everyone to where is evolutionary behaviors are said to be adapt to in most situations. Evolutionary Theories

The psychology behind our behavior, over generations it is the behavior that is best fit for the environment. When someone smile or waves at you it is an indication of friendliness and kindness. A similarity is that you generally do not have a big control over them that you think. Drive Theories

Tension arising from within our physiological systems which motivates us to take action. As a kid there was always this or kid that picks on me and every time I saw him I couldn’t take my eyes off him until he was out of sight. The way that the drive theory proposes that physiological needs create arousal drives to satisfy our needs. Arousal Theories

We are driven to perform certain actions in order maintain a certain level of motivation. When the fair always came to town I was so overwhelmed with joy. Share some commonalities but instead focusing on reducing tension it suggests that we are motivated to maintain an arousal level. Incentive Theories

It is the behavior that offers positive incentives and negative ones. When I was young my parents always told me to hang around kids that were positive and stay away from the negatives one, when you surround yourself with positivity then you would be motivated to do good. When you think about the incentives when you do...
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