The Way Comes to Success

Topics: University, Learning, High school Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Nowadays, social human is increasing rapidly and demands for a settled job is very difficult. If you want to choose a good career, the achievement for a diploma or a degree from college or university is a wonderful way for you to have a choice. Besides, entering university is at the same time you can step into a world of opportunities:

Firstly, entering university that you will learn more a high level of knowledge and tobe in-depth into your major than you did in high school. When I was at high school , I had just been learnt some simple structures about english to prepare for the entrance college or university. But, when I’m at university, I’ve already been learnt to crave fluently other skills: listening,speaking,reading,writing so that I can make regarding in most of communications English with foreigners as well. Someone also considers college or university as a challenge that you have to achieve your goals and tobe senior to the others.

Second, entering university that you’ll aid developing your experience life and interact with new friends. You may have to live far from home and an independent life,in the way, make sure that you must learn how to have a control yourseft and avoid to the social evil such as addicted games or smoking, shopping… in addition, when you attend a college or university and have many new friends, you’ll get more knowledge about : different culture, types of food or life styles from the other countries.

Entering univerity, finally, that not only makes you individual completely but interacts with friends,makes relationship and knowledgable accumulation about the surrounding life. As far as I’m concerned, Knowledge is an important tool leading us to have a wide various of the social so attending university or college is a good way to help you lead a successful career with a diploma/ degree if you always keep moving forward the whole courses.
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