The Reasons of Plagiarism

Topics: University, Student, Academic dishonesty Pages: 6 (1916 words) Published: August 14, 2011
Identify the main reasons why university students plagiarise in English speaking countries. Present an argument and support with evidence from academic sources

Part 1

Plagiarism is the act of using another’s work without appropriate acknowledgement, is often grouped with other cheating behaviour such as taking notes into an exam, fabricating a bibliography, lying about personal circumstances to get special consideration and other similar actions. There is a significant and growing body of literature on plagiarism in higher education( Park, C. 2003)

This essay will show the reasons why students plagiarism and state different argument in different views by people . and believe that lacking of high standard of study attitude is main reason than being for convenient . or we say the common cause of plagiarism was seen to be lack of moral attitude rather than laziness or contempt for the assessment process.

In this essay there are mainly 3 parts following . at the first part we are gonging to illustrate why moral attitude become the main reason of plagiarism and discus this issue in every detail views. Second part there are also other opinions from different views should be considered . at the last we sum up all information in this essay and conclude it

Part 2

In Chinese idiom : attitude makes everything . people’s action are leaded by thought. once you make up a beautiful standards of attitude that means you’ve achieved half way. It is the same thing in university study. Plagiarism is kind of problem of attitude .

Many students generally don’t take plagiarism as ‘ big deal’. Researcher found that students often view plagiarism as a relatively minor offence, Students often do not see cheating as a major problem among their peers (Daniel et al., 1991). Most part of students plagiaries on purpose, knowingly.

Some students cheat because they have negative attitudes towards assignments and tasks that teachers think have meaning but they don’t (Howard, 2002). And also those students found it hard to get study motivation . they always have a big test coming up but just not motivated to study. Fallen back on their classes but still not able to get themselves to study hard . And some student label studying as “boring”, “painful” or “uncomfortable” that way they will be pre-framing themselves negatively even before they start. They’d have lost the battle before it even began

Doctor Jo Boyden , the professor of social science in Oxford University . she is Director of the innovative student study based at the University’s Department of International Development. She is a pioneer in the emerging field of global student studies and is breaking new ground in theorization, conceptualization.(Boyden ,J . 2005,April 20th).She point out that main reason is that student don’t have a high moral motivation or attitude to study. So she believe that to feel the right emotions is fully as important as to hold the right ideas. And she also explain that in order for an individual to study effectively it is essential for an individual to stay motivated. This allows the individual to work through the material and complete the tasks that the individual has set out to complete. However, the more complicated, difficult, unpleasant, or uninteresting the task, the harder it is for an individual to stay motivated. As a result, it is important for an individual to be able to identify the various rewards that he or she can obtain by completing a particular task. This may sound simple, but it can often be difficult to identify the exact reason that an individual should complete a particular task specially if that task is related to completing a large long-term goal. This is because a particular task may not have a direct reward such as receiving a license, a job, or passing a class, but may instead have a reward that is harder for the individual to define. And by her research shows that top university student’s rate of plagiarism are...
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