The Impact of Motivation on Workers Productivity in Aquasafe Spring Water Factory

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Human behavior Pages: 8 (1514 words) Published: May 16, 2012


MAJOR theories of motivation are classified as those dealing either with

exogenous causes or with endogenous processes.where as the latter help explain

motivation the former identity levers for improving worker motivation &

performance.key stratagies for improving work motivation were distilled from the

exogenous Thiories .illustrative programs are described for implementing those

stratagies ,programs that aim at creating organizations in which workers are both

better satisfied & more productive .suggetions are offered for improving the

scince & technology of work motivation.

1.1background of the study

Many studies have demonstrated the relatively successful performance implication of

formalized goal-setting programs in organization which led them to that,the impact motivation

has on workers prodactivity .

Motivation is concerned with why people do what they do .it answers such quations as why do

managers or workers got to work & do a good job. This tries to explain what motivates people
to act the way they do ,with primary focus on the work is the primary task of the

manager to crate & maintain an environment in which employees can work efficiently to ralize

the objectives of the organization.

Employees differ not only in their ability to work but also in their willingness to do

so(motivation).to motivate is to induce ,persuade,stimulate,even compel,an employee to act in

a manner which fulfills the objectives of the organization.the motivation of employees depend

on the strength of their motives .motives are needs, wants, or drives within the individual &

these determine human behavior.

Since it has been established that all behavior except involving response are goals directed
,managers can apply motivational theories of management in their attempt to direct the job

behavior of employees towards the goal of their


1.2. statement of the problem

Specific goals,especially,performance of workers in an organization is highly

Influenced by the motivation practice of the organization .the reason for the study ing of

personnelis the desire to secure or maintain optimum performance (jit chandan 1994:54).an

organization that motivate its employees ,can be sustainable,productive & profitable.the

motive employees have interest to work,long expectation of life in the organization ,positive

attitudeabout the organization & ability to increase productivity of the organization
In contrast ,if the organization do not motivate to employee,it cannot be productive,employees

are boring to work,short expectation of life in the organization , negative attitude & being

unsatisfied to their job.

In general workers leave organization due to the fact that they are not motivated

enough.some are not willing to leave because they are enjoying some benefit in terms of

promotion which leads to increase in salaries & wages , bonuses & some other incentives.i.e

annual increament is the oly motivation system they use in the factory.

Organization must improve the work performance, productivity, skill & ability of its

employees .the problem is how to motivate workers to achieve higher productivity.
Therefore,this study wil lassess & investigate to know & explore employees motivation to

words work & comeout some outputs to do so with in debre birhan spring natural wate

r factory/AQUASAFE|

1.3. relevant research quations

Some of the research quations are:

-to what extent does the personel policy implemented by your company affect your productivity

-what are the role of employees in productivity?

-how spring natural water factory handle complicated...
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