The House on Mango Street

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In this novel, the author creates some characters. Some of them want to leave the life they have now and, somehow, have a fresh start somewhere else, and the others just put up with it. What we find in this novel is a girl, called Esperanza, who wants to have more friends, and as we go through the first chapters, we get to know Cathy. Cathy says Esperanza that they can be friend, but just for a few days, because her family is going to move away. Cathy's family sees how the neighborhood is getting bad and they finally move away in chapter 9. She is the first case of leaving in this book. We find the evidence of his leaving in the next sentences: "Meme Ortiz moved into Cathy's house after her family moved away" (The House on Mango Street, Chapter 9) , and also in "You want a friend, she says. Okay, I'll be your friend. But only till next Tuesday. That's when we move away. Got to. Then as if she forgot I just moved in, she says the neighborhood is getting bad" (The House on Mango Street, Chapter 5). Unlike other characters in the book, Cathy seems to accept his family's decision of moving away. Esperanza, however, doesn't seem very affected by Cathy's leaving, mainly because she made some new friends from Texas, Rachel and Lucy. As we read more chapters, we can see how the Esperanza's desire of having her own house gets stronger and stronger. In chapter 21, we see a kind of attempt of leaving by Esperanza's dad. He has to fly to Mexico, so he tells Esperanza to give the news to her sisters because she's the oldest one. She realizes he has to go in this sentence: "I know he will have to go away, that he will take a plane to Mexico, all the uncles and aunts will be there, and they will have a black-and-white photo taken in front of the tomb with flowers shaped like spears in a white vase because this is how they send the dead away in that country." (The House on Mango Street, Chapter 21). In this point, Esperanza tries to imagine how her life would be like if...
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