The Grand Opening Ceremony and commendation conference for military training for the 2014th Freshmen

Topics: Professor, Military, Chinese-language surnames Pages: 4 (603 words) Published: October 8, 2014
The Grand Opening Ceremony and commendation conference for military training for the 2014th Freshmen With the smell of sweet-scented osmanthus floating in the air, freshmen came to Hunan University for a fire-new life. On the afternoon in September 23rd, the opening ceremony for the 2014th freshmen was held in the Lecture Hall, which is also the ceremony for giving commendation to the advanced individuals and groups in the military training. Loads of people participated in this ceremony---secretary of the party committee of law school professor Qv Maohui, contemporary laws masters professor Wang Xiaoye and Zhang Zhihui, vice president professor Liu Luhua, deputy secretary of party committee Fu Rongfen, sub decanal adjunct professor Lei Yuqiong, head of politics department professor Liu Shaohua, head of public management department professor Guo Jianqiang and professors from laws department professor Li Xiaoming, professor Bai Bagen, adjunct professor Zhang Qiuhang, Tang Shuange and adjunct professor Yan Kegao from the administrative management department and adjunct professor Liu Hongbin from politics department as well as teachers from the teaching administration working at college level and the Student Affair Office. The instructor of the 2014th freshmen Yang Kai took the role of the host. The solemn sound of the Nation Song witnessed the formal beginning of the ceremony. In an effort to help freshmen to have an acquaintance with professors and teachers, Yang introduced basic information to the students in terms of majors. Later, professors Wang Xiaoye and Zhang Zhihui delivered a speech separately. Stick to your mission, take on your responsibility, be brave for the tackles, regard this ceremony as the horn sound of the new trip, read books and study hard and then a foundation for tomorrow and a confident attitude for future will be established. Professor Wang expressed his sincere wishes to the freshmen. In Zhang’s speech, he delivered congratulations to the...
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