The Expectancy Theory of Motivation

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The Expectancy Theory of Motivation

The Expectancy Theory of Motivation
Mr. Jeffrey Kiger
Western Governor’s University
LET 1 Task 1

The Expectancy Theory of Motivation was developed by Victor Vroom in 1964. The theory is not without its critics however, most of the evidence is supportive. The Expectancy Theory helps to explain the motivations of employees in both a positive and negative ways. A lot of people in the workforce feel this way about their jobs or careers. Although they have probably never thought much about why they feel this way or asked themselves “what can I do to overcome these feelings?”

The Expectancy Theory of Motivation
There are 3 relationships that are associated with the expectancy theory of motivation. The first relationship is effort-performance, which is the perception by employees that a certain amount of effort will lead to an acceptable performance standard. The second relationship that this theory explains is that individuals believe the desirable outcomes are the result of performing at a certain level. The final relationship that is related to the expectancy theory of motivation concerns the correlation between rewards and personal goals. This part explains to what degree a company’s rewards satisfy an individual’s personal needs or goals. The relationship also stresses the importance of those possible rewards for the employees. The employees seem to have a number of issues that they need to overcome in order for them to be successful with the new production process. It seems like Supervisor A is having trouble communicating and motivating with his team. All 3 of the Expectancy Theory relationships seem to be prevalent in this situation. Some of the team members don’t think that they can physically do the job. A portion of the employees feel that the new production system is too demanding for their abilities. The company needs to re-examine the processes, break them down to more basic...
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