Term Paper on Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Bank, Retail banking Pages: 17 (3750 words) Published: January 4, 2013


Department of Accounting & Information Systems
EMBA 2nd Batch
2ND semester





Institution: Prime Bank Limited, Bangladesh.


Prepared By


01. Chotun Kumar Debnath 20120206001
02. Harish Chandra Chackraborty 20120206005
03. Mostafizur Rahman 20120206021
04. Md. Parvez Rana Bhuiyan 20120206024
05. Babla Chandra Rudra 20120206027
06. Sk. Abu Sayed Abdullah 20120206037

Prepared For

Tarik Hossain
Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems
Comilla University

Date of submission: 22/12/2012
Letter of Transmittal

Tarik Hossain
Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems
Comilla University

Subject: Submission of term paper on “Motivation”

Dear Sir,

First, we should like to thank you for approving this important topic “Motivation”. The study has given us the opportunity to get lots of theoretical knowledge in practical world. It was our pleasure to know about “Motivation” and how it works. We choose Prime Bank Limited as the institution. So the term paper is basically deals with the Motivational Program of Prime Bank Limited (PBL).We would try our level best and shall be obliged to provide you with any clarification regarding the project. 


NameID Signature

Chotun Kumar Debnath 20120206001

Harish Chandra Chackraborty 20120206005

Mostafizur Rahman 20120206021

Md. Perves Rana Bhuiyan 20120206024

Babla Chandra Rudra 20120206027

Sk. Abu Sayed Abdullah 20120206037

At first, we would like to thank our honorable Course Instructor ,Tarik Hossain, Lecturer, Dept. of AIS, Comilla University, for providing us with the opportunity to observe and analyze such an interesting topic “MOTIVATION” and moreover for his invaluable guidelines, suggestions and advises whenever needed.

Our sincere thank goes to Mr. Md. Nahid Anwar Patwary (Chapal), Executive officer & Credit Incharge, Prime bank limited, Comilla branch, for guiding us in every step, sharing his views and patiently answering all of our quarries despite of his busy schedule. He was very cooperative and answered all our quarries. We never thought we can so easily get all the information. Finally, we thank ……., First Asst. Vice President, Prime bank limited, Comilla branch, for his incomparable support. Without his support we would not be able to get the things done so easily.

Executive Summary

For the completion of term paper on “MOTIVATION”, we visited Prime Bank Limited and ask about their motivation program that how they motivate their employees for the betterment of the company.

This report consists of Motivational Program of Prime Bank Limited, Which is a well-known bank in Bangladesh. It is a well-reputed and well-established bank, which is operating in our country since 1995. Prime bank limited (PBL) is working to fulfill the demand of consumer and services like Consumer Credit Scheme, Special Deposit Scheme, Monthly Savings Scheme, Credit Card, PBL ATM Service, One-stop service and many others. But in every company there are some motivation programs.

The report is based on the data provided by the bank and the information gathered from some other important sources.

The first chapter of the report is the introduction. It contains starting of the report itself. Here origin, description and objective of the report are described. Sources and limitations of the report are also part of it. The most important parts of this report are the different processes or methods use to motivate the employees.

The conclusions in the report are completely developed on the basis of the report. Thus the report covers substantial amount of data and recommendations to analyze the motivation programs as well as...

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