Teamwork and Motivation

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Using Money To Motivate Employees: Texas Roadhouse
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Human Resource Management 500
Dr. Robert Waldo
June 2, 2013

Using Money To Motivate Employees: Texas Roadhouse
One can clearly observe and admit how in the case of Texas Roadhouse, management successfully used money to boost employee satisfaction, however money is not the only motivating factor. This discussion responds to, and questions the assumption of the following: “If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers.” Money is not nor cannot be the sole motivational tool to retain a quality workforce. Texas Roadhouse CEO Hart knows this which is why he coupled monetary rewards with a basic philosophy of really caring about people, and creating a management environment that creates a fresh mood of teamwork, excitement, and feeling appreciated. Criticized for lavish company conferences Hart explains, as the text documents, that luxurious spending changes the hearts of people (p. 320). When you think about it, his effort in combination with employees doing volunteer service for San Francisco's Habitat For Humanity is a great way to spur motivation.

Many assume that simply throwing money at employees will give them the raw impetuosity to perform better, faster, longer, and happily working fervently all for the sake of the almighty dollar. When asked why employees need more than money to be motivated such as showing thanks and praise Bob Nelson, author of the bestseller “1001 Ways To Reward Employees” in an interview with Kate Fillion (2007) said that people leave jobs because they don't feel recognized, and that “if the experience employees have” make them not feel valued “there's nothing to stay for.” True enough. You may know of more than one person who left a higher paying job, to go work under a better manager who brought to bear the importance of making him or her feeling cared for and appreciated.

The only reason why Texas...

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