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For any organization requires four factors of productions i.e land, labour, capital and entrepreneur. Education is also a process requires some inputs and producing output in form of educated and responsible citizens.

Input Output
building of schools colleges
and universities
Educational Budget
EntrepreneurEducated and Responsible
Edu, minister, EDO, DOCitizens
Teachers, Clerks

Human resources are the most important asses of any organization. So the question arise from here that how we can fully utilize these resources. From hare the concept of human resource management gained acceptance. Human resource management seeks to give helpful assistance to educational managers to address numerous management problems. Human resource management deals with recruitment selection of employees, training of personnel, transfer and promotions, retaining of workers in the organization.

Attracting and retaining good teachers is the key concern of every educational institution. These two factors leads the productivity and workers satisfaction which are pivotal in maintaining a healthy organizational structure.

According to online free dictionary morale is:
The degree of mental or moral confidence of a person or group; spirit of optimism Motivation
There are three things to remember about education. The first one is motivation. The second one is motivation. The third one is motivation.
-Terrell H. Bell
Motivation is the desire or drive within a person to achieve some goal. Motivation is an internal condition based on a person’s perceptions and needs (Ricks et al; 1995). The term motivation derives from the Latin word movers, “to move”. It is virtually impossible to determine a person’s motivation until that person behaviour an individual performs at each moment in time, the initiation and persistence of an intentional, goal - directed activity (Mifflin, 1995). Extrinsic Motivation

Is that arise from outside of the individual and often involve rewards such as trophies, money, social recognition or praise. For teachers it is in the form of increments, certificates, medical allowances, professional training, friendly environment among teachers and head as well, respect of ideas and etc. Intrinsic Motivation

Internal desires to perform a particular task, people do certain activities because it gives them pleasure, develops a particular skill, or it’s morally the right thing to do. for teachers inrinsic motivation is job satisfaction, honour as teaching is noble profession and profession of Prophets. Intrinsically motivated teachers are bound to do much better, because they are willing to do new things. Their teaching experience is more meaningful, and they go deeper into the subject and students needs what they want.

Positive Motivation
That type of motivation which leads a person towards their goals. Negative Motivation
That type of motivation which leads a person far away from their goals. Monetary Motivation
Monetary motivation may be in form of increase in salaries, bonus, allownces, etc. Non Monetary Motivation
Non monetary motivation may be in the form of praise, certificates etc.
Theories of Motivation
Theories of Motivation

Content Theories Process Theory
Vroom Expectancy TheoryMaslow Needs Theory
Handy Motivation CalculusHerzberg Theory Of Motivation
Adams Equity Theory McGregor Theory
Content Theories
The main focus of content theories on what arouses, sustains, regulates and directed behaviour. Content theories offers ways for individuals to identify their needs. Process Theories
Process theories...
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