SWOT Analysis of Drexel University

Topics: Management, University, Academic degree Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Siddharth Neelakantan
The following is a SWOT analysis of Drexel University’s engineering management program. The analysis was done by comparing the management programs of different universities and therefore arrive at the following table. SWOT ANALYSIS| Strengths: * The EGMT course is so designed that it caters to the needs of working class population. In this case part time students. * The course structure is flexible in the sense it is offered online and the format is hybrid. * The course has a vast curriculum and excellent foundation which prepares students when they actually enter the job market. * Has various certificate programs. * Faculty consists of professionals who are from different backgrounds.| Weaknesses: * Since Drexel follows a quarter system, it might be very fast for part time students. * The school does not provide any program on entrepreneurship which is one of the major sections of a broad term called ‘management’. * The course fee plays a very important factor with students tending to select a public university which are cheaper.| Opportunities: * Philadelphia is a hub of the pharmaceutical industry. * Loosening restrictions on immigration rules that will propel a higher rate of student and working class population. * Infrastructure is directly proportional to the overall rating of the university. Hence improved infrastructure would definitely help to raise the rating of the university. * The city is a major hub in starting life-sciences classes and start-ups.| Recommended Actions: * Provide a certificate course in life sciences. * Project the name of the university as an equal opportunity school i.e. improve advertising. * Introduce courses which are challenging enough and which are hand in hand with the recent managerial trends in the industry.| Recommended Actions: * Hire experts who hold managerial positions in life sciences department. * Hire experts to draft and manage the entrepreneurship...
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