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Retention Essay
How to Improve Student Retention in Community Colleges

Community colleges are academically blended for the individual student. While community colleges furnish students with affordability and readily available education, many students are vulnerable. One way for a student to be successful, is to make informed choices regarding their education. Likewise, students that are well prepared for college are more likely to succeed. The goal of the college is to retain students from admission to graduation. Three ways to improve student retention are orientation programs, student services, and most importantly, student attitude and preparedness. Improving student retention is critical for student success.

One way to improve student retention in community colleges are well developed orientation programs. Such programs can help prevent disaster and make a clear path for success in a college students future. For example, successful orientations should familiarize students with the services available and show them how to locate these services. Also, orientation programs should include personnel such as, advisors, tutoring staff and financial aid officers. Furthermore, good orientation programs should include information regarding school athletic activities, honor societies, clubs and organizations. Well developed orientation programs will benefit the student by creating a plan for academic success, improving student retention. Another way to improve student retention is by actively participating in a First Year Experience program. A First Year Experience class is a core curriculum requirement for a first year student. The purpose of this course is to integrate you into the life and culture of the college and to prepare you with the foundations for academic success. Active participation in a first year experience class will lead a student to success in college. For...
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