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College courses can be very expensive and time consuming for students. A student budget can be very tight. The Statewide transfer and Articulation Reporting System know as STARS can be very helpful. The articulation agreement between colleges and universities are guaranteed to help students. The system is easy and every course is transferrable. STARS can save time, money, and unnecessary course repetition.

The STARS system can help save time by reducing a student course load. You will be able to earn credits in a few weeks. All courses can be transferred to any four year college or University saving time. The system can save time by meeting certain standards and requirements for college. STARS will save time by allowing you to enroll in the right course for your major. You will not be forced to choose another institution to attend. The online system can save students time from leaving out important and vital information. You can benefit by graduating in a timely manner for all majors.

STARS can help save students money from any unnecessary fees and high tuition cost. Students can also save money by not having to repeat any courses. Most college students cannot work and the burden is placed among parents. Students can save money by attending and meeting requirements at a 2 year college. The course is less expensive and can be very beneficial to all students. You will be able to plan ahead for you education and save money at the same time. STARS will also save money by letting students plan a schedule ahead of time based on course offerings.

STARS is very helpful in helping students transfer course. A student will never have to worry about repeating any unnecessary classes. The classes requirements are always meet at a lower level of college. The program guarantees eliminating repeating courses or replacing them with unnecessary classes. The possibility of repeating courses will be eliminated. All students would be guaranteed to graduate worry free.

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