Topics: Mining, Video clip, Violence Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: November 14, 2013
This first test (bring slide up that has Time Is Running Out), by the famous Australian Poet, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, expresses her frustration and anger at the loss of the land which she and her culture so dearly love. Throughout the poem, she consistently uses many techniques to stir the audience’s emotions in the way hers were when these events took place. Another text I wish to share with you is this short film clip from One Night The Moon. The composer of the text, Rachel Perkins, shows the differences of views of the land through song. I chose this clip because she contrasts the white view of the land with the Indigenous perspective, and in doing so she creates a magnificent wave of emotion that crashes down upon the audience and makes them see the Indigenous view on the issue of the land. (Play Clip)

Despite the fact that the two texts use different mediums (one film and the other written words), both convey the same sense of injustice through the loss of the land. Then and Now shows the way the land has been changed from simple and uncultivated to a tool for making money and advancing society. The clip from One Night the Moon shows how the different perspectives clash about the view of the land. This is illustrated with the use of “this land is mine” with “this land is me”. In Time is Running Out, Oodgeroo uses a number of language techniques to influence our way of thought. Take, for instance, lines 4-6 of the poem:

Stealing, bottling her (the Earth’s) black blood
For the sake of greedy trade
On his (the miner’s) metal throne of destruction
With these lines, our anger against the “villainous” miners grows as we hear more and more about their malignant deeds. Stealing, bottling her black blood – instantly our hearts go out to the Earth – we feel sympathy for her. She is being violated. Her blood “bottled” for “the sake of greedy trade”. Boom! Our hearts beat. Our anger boils, our empathy mounts, we are being mesmerized by the genius of Oodgeroo! See...
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