Sources of Motivation

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Sources of Motivation Paper
Cara Dorrell
Jason Etchegaray

To get out of bed early to work out and lose those pesky 5 lbs, or stay in bed and be lazy and say you will “do it tomorrow.” Motivation is the one thing that can both drive our dreams and goals or hinder them all at the same time. The feeling you have of accomplishment is usually thanks to the motivation it took us to get from one point to the next. In this paper we will discover what helps that motivation and where that motivation comes from. We have defined motivation as being the main desire to do things and will continue to look at motivation as a whole. Sources of motivation and the relationship between motivation and behavior will be addressed, as well as motivation in one’s behavior. Motivation Defined

“Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.”(Cherry, 2013, 1) Motivation is what moves one into action and makes them reach forward towards their goal they would like to achieve. It is the desire to do things and the reason that we do them. Sources of Motivation

Motivation is fueled from many different sources and depends on the person and the goal that person is striving to accomplish. These factors come from internal sources as well as external sources. Internal sources include biological and psychological and external sources would include goals and rewards or incentives upon accomplishment. Biologically we are wired to fuel our motivation from many different outlets. Anywhere from hunger to thirst or even sleepiness can drive and motivate us to do something that can dissolve those feelings. If a person is hungry they can experience hunger pains, lack of energy, growling of the stomach or even nausea and these factors are what will motivate someone to get up and make themselves a sandwich or something to eat. Another example would be the feeling of thirst. If someone is sitting there with dry mouth or...

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