Solving a Motivation Problem

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human behavior Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Solving A Motivation Problem Page (1) Nature Of CNC Company’s Contract 2
(2) Nature Of The Job 2
(3) Motivation Problem 3
(4) Application Of Motivation Theories 3
(5) Possible Achievement 4
(6) Conclusion 4

Solving A Motivation Problem

(1) Nature Of CNC Company ’s Contract
I am working at the CNC Consulting Engineers Pte.Ltd. as an inspector. Our company has contracted with the ABC Authority to carry out the inspection of road and road facilities structures and giving advice how to do repairing the defects and maintain them to the Authority. Bases on the contract, we need to do normal inspection of the roads according to the daily schedule and inspection for the feedback that public complains. We have to make reports for the captured defects and submit them to the Authority. After that, Authority asks the other contractor to repair the defects. This is how we are maintaining the road and providing smooth transportation system to users. The contract period is 2 years and can be extended to another 2 years only if the Authority satisfy the company’s performance in which all the staff can do Authority’s requirements of the current contract. (2) Nature Of The Job

There are some tough jobs that all the inspectors don’t like to do. According to the job nature, they have to do the inspection and reporting to the Authority regardless of time i.e. even on midnight and early morning upon the Authority’s request. Inspectors have to be patient on the public complain and are needed to make sure they have checked properly and reported to the Authority. (3) Motivation Problem

After 1 year from the starting of contract, our company, however, are facing the problems to extended another 2 years contract. Other than that company got some fined, penalty, demerit points and...
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