Solution to Solve Unemployment Among University Graduates

Topics: Learning, University, Employment Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Solution to solve unemployment among university graduates

1. Enhance student soft skill and knowledge
Lecturers, being the closest people to students, should continuously encourage them to gain work experience and soft skills on campus and off campus. Most of the students seem unaware of the importance of work experience. In order to assist students, a lecturer may use several approaches to enhance their skills and knowledge; for example to stimulate the minds of students with discussions and case studies. This approach may help students integrate their knowledge and skills with real cases. Apart from that, the lecturer may also allow students to interact with outsiders or to organize social activities. This will forced student to go out and exposed themselves to the outside world and conduct research as partial fulfillment for their degree programs. The process in preparing research involves skill and knowledge.

2. Increases students employability prospect and English skill Government has implemented several programmed in order to reduce the number of unemployed graduates. The one of the programmed is The Graduate Career Accelerated Programme (GCAP), which aims to improve the employability of unemployed graduates and English level of graduates. GCAP is a free graduate employability program. GCAP is conducted in English, with a special emphasis to improve, especially the oral communicating in a business and service environment. The oral and written English language acquisition sessions with GCAP will bring graduates to a new level of confidence for a brighter future and also increases their employability prospect.

3. Student themselves
Student should not to spend more time finding scapegoat, pinpointing people and complain others when they are unemployed. They should change they mindset and attitude when they seeking a job. Student had to understand what the skill that are the employer looking for and what the expectation of the employer...
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