Sheridan Academic Appeal Form

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This form will be made available to the student by faculty or staff in an alternate format (hard copy) if requested. Email complete form and supporting documentation to

Section A – Student Details
Adhering to Sheridan’s Academic Appeals and Consideration Policy and Procedure, this form is to be completed by a student who believes that he/she has received an unfair academic decision from the College. Please refer to the Procedure for associated timelines and note the following:  if you are considering an academic appeal, you are encouraged to consult with Student Advisement (, your Program Coordinator/Academic Advisor or the Student Union  filling out this form does not guarantee a meeting with your Associate Dean or designate Student Information

Date (mm/dd/yy)
Student Name
Student Number
Phone Number
Program Name
Sheridan Email Address

NOTE: Your Sheridan email account will be used for all communication from the College regarding your appeal. Type of Appeal (check the appropriate box)
Final Grade Decision
Academic Decision (please specify)
Sanctions due to Academic Integrity breach
Progression or graduate decision
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Assessment Review Advanced Standing Review
Other (please specify)
Grounds of Academic Appeal (check the appropriate box)
Academic Evaluation
Course Management


Procedural Error

Faculty Name
Course Name
Course Code

For Final Grade Appeals Only (leave blank if not applicable) Resolve Attempt

I have contacted my faculty and I am not satisfied with the resolution Date of contact (mm/dd/yy)
I have attempted to contact my faculty and I have not received a response Registration Information (check the appropriate box)
The final grade/academic decision I am appealing impacts my current course enrolment The final grade/academic decision I am...
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