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English 105
Joyce Freese
Jazmine Moore
November 28, 2012

When you look up self-motivation in the dictionary it says that self-motivation is initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another’s prodding or supervision. Some of us are self-motivated and some of us are motivated by others. It may seem difficult to have the ambition and the drive to motivate yourself but when you take action, when you have faith, and when you have a little motivation from others, you will have the confidence to believe in yourself. As soon as you take action you will find out the true purpose in life. Figuring out what you want in life will make you work hard and strive without someone telling you what do. You start to realize that you are working hard for something that you want not anyone else. Also, you start to have more confidence in your beliefs. Meaning that although everyone might not go along with what you have to believe in you will still take a stand for what you believe no matter what. You would be your number one supporter and you don’t need acceptance from anyone else because you have sureness in what you feel and in what you believe. Sometimes you have to accept challenges in life and go through them on your own. But when you have faith in yourself you will never doubt that you can’t do anything. Have you ever thought what would happen to your dreams and aspirations if you didn’t believe that you can accomplish them? When you have the desire to fulfill your ideas, you wouldn’t want them to be rejected because you didn’t believe in yourself. Although you are doing this for yourself you are still becoming an encouragement for others and you will get the respect from others. As well as making your own dreams come true and earning respect, faith gives you the opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back. That feeling to have positive thoughts about yourself and knowing that you have made positive progress. When you have faith in yourself you...

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