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Winning Hearts and Minds in War of Plagiarism Summary
In Scott Jaschiks’ book titled “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism,” Jaschik describes the issue of first-year English students plagiarizing work and the numerous faculty members’ solutions to solve plagiarizing. Teachers, like North Carolina State University professor Kate Hagopian, are working with first-year English students to teach students academic integrity and to understand why students plagiarize. Teachers have researched the issue by performing student evaluations. These evaluations have given teachers better insight to why students would choose to plagiarize. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale professor R. Gerald Nelms explains that some students have an internal behavior that students inherit when they try and imitate writing styles instead of proposing an emotional reaction or response. Without understanding how to express a response to a paper, students try to, instead, rewrite the paper with minimal changes. A full understanding of how to called “patch writing,” Other teachers, like Roy Stamper, have observed through anonymous blogs with students that students will replace quantity with efficiency if not given enough time. Plagiarism is an issue that can be solved among students, only if teachers grasp the issue and keep practicing with solutions to instill academic integrity while diminishing plagiarism. Jaschik, Scott. “Winning Hearts and Minds in War of Plagiarism.” Inside Higher Education: 2008. Pg. 261-266. Print.

“Patch writing” is absolutely a form of plagiarism, but the student isn’t fully to blame. Most things we learn to do are through repetition and imitation, so to punish a student for something they don’t have the knowledge to solve is dementing their education. If a student is told to write down notes, but they are never provided with the objective of creating original work, then the student will only understand how to...
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