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Topics: University, Neat Neat Neat, Ice Pages: 1 (539 words) Published: November 12, 2014
 My first day in my university was very much exciting . After end my schooling days , I spent most of the times reading and enquiring people about the university life . Most people gave many good reviews and some bad reviews . It makes my excitement more raging and wild till I cant wait to go enter and face my another part of my life which is University life . And then finally the day had came which is 24th May 2014 , where I registered myself in University Industri Selangor(UNISEL) at Shah Alam . At first i was thinking how im gonna adapt myself in University life and mingle with new people Because the petrified feeling when entering in the university. Poeple with different point of view. The feeling of standing in a new world. Changes in behavior when mix wit people who have strong believe in god. A smart look wit long sleeve shirt wit a tie, long pants, shocks withining n polished black shoes, looking neat n tidy. Full of excitement. Encouragement and support. Once I reached the place , there were too crowded at the entrance and many parents were sitting under the tent while their children registering themselves . At that moment , I felt very nervous and scared seeing a lot of multiracial students . I wondered myself thinking of this new enviroment . And then I went to the registration counter and registered myself . And at that moment , I felt myself alone because I dont know anyone there until I encountered with my bestfriend there . I was very happy to see him and glad that I got a company which he is the same course as mine and I didnt felt alone then Hence , the new intake students were asked to enter the hall to start the orientation session with student .At first , the session were very boring and made most of the students sleepy . Moreover , some of the seniors were very strict and not friendly . They never smile to any of the students . This made the students gets annoyed and irritated towards them . The session took 4 hours and finally...
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