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The Role of Motivation as a Moderator of the Job Demand– Burnout–Performance Relationship among Service Employees in a Social Marketing Campaign Rajeev Verma*, Jyoti Verma**

The key to a successful implementation of any social marketing campaign is learning what will work with the target population for sustained behavioural change. To foster this process, the role of frontline employees is very crucial. The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of job motivation in the burnout process. The data has been collected from 112 frontline employees engaged in the implementation of Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC). The level of mediation of burnout on job performance and employee turnover intentions has been examined along with the moderating effect of job motivation. Result shows that burnout mediates the effect of job demand and job resources on job performance and turnover intentions. Further, motivation also buffers the dysfunctional effects of burnout on job outcomes. The key implication of the study is that service organizations should hire individuals with higher motivation for frontline positions to get a better job–person fit and improved overall project implementation. Key words: Grounded theory, collaborative tools, global virtual team, virtual team effectiveness, demographic dissimilarity, trust.

Introduction Social marketing seeks to influence societal behaviour not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society. Social marketing is the application of commercial marketing concepts and techniques to the target population intended to achieve the goal of positive social change (Kotler and Zaltman, 1971). Any successfully implemented social marketing campaign first understands the target population for sustained behavioural change. The target population is more likely to adopt a desired behaviour if the intended project assesses and subsequently tries to change beneficiary’s attitude, their perceptions of benefits and societal perception at large towards the new behaviour. In this perspective, one much talked about social marketing campaign is the rural sanitation, which requires great societal motivation and social change. The Government of India (GoI) launched Central Rural Sanitation Programme (CRSP) in the year 1986 with the objective of accelerating sanitation coverage in rural areas. CRSP was again re-structured in the year 1999 exhibiting a paradigm shift in the approach and Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) was introduced (DDWS, 2010).TSC is implemented in a campaign mode across the country taking district as a unit in order to achieve 100 percent sanitation in terms of households, anganwadi1 and school toilets. To foster this process the frontline employees or community catalysts, commonly called as gram sevaks have been deployed for improving and maintaining sanitation facilities * **

Rajeev Verma, Doctoral Student, IIM Indore, Marketing Area (Email: Jyoti Verma, Doctoral Student, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, OB & HR Area (Email:


Anganwadi “courtyard shelter” is a government sponsored child and mother care centre in India under the Integrated Child Development Services programme initiated in 1975 by GoI. It caters to children in the 0-6 age group.

Decision, Vol. 39, No. 3 , December, 2012

The Role of Motivation as a Moderator of the Job Demand–Burnout–Performance


in their respective areas. The organizational unit use the job titles of ‘gram sewak’ or ‘community catalyst’ to describe those employees who spend their time dealing directly with project beneficiaries helping in the implementation of the projects and/or responding user queries, problems and complaints. As frontline employees have firsthand experience of the situation, they play most crucial role in the programme implementation strategy. However, it has been found that, most of these frontline staff members (ASHA, Anganwadi...
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