Review of 5 Article Based Research of Motivation in the Workplace

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Review of 5 Research-base Article of Motivation in The Workplace


Faculty of Razak School of Engineering and Advance Technology University Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Motivation Abstract


This paper is to fulfill the Post Module Assignment of Organizational Behavior and Development in motivation study lectured by Associate Professor Dr. Nik Hasna. This is the review study of 5 various research article done by various scholar and individual related to motivation. This review is to understand the variety method of various company used to motivate their employee with comparison to my local workplace environment.




Motivation is refer to an enthusiasm of interest of doing something with goal oriented achievement. Basically, motivation can be describe in two types, Internal and external as the Cognitive Evaluation Theory tells. Internal or intrinsic motivation is a motivation that is driven by the interest and enjoyment of the task itself that exist from within the individual and not relying from the external source. This is subjective to individual depending on what make him/her enjoy with the task. External motivation or extrinsic motivation is an outsource form of interest to make ones self perform the task. Extrinsic are typically refer to reward or tangible benefit. This could drive a person to perform a task with the interest of the reward.

Motivation has become a famous topic that people always talk about through years. Many scholar and researcher has come with their own points and opinions on what they found about motivation. Many believes that intrinsic motivation is the way to achieve in driving a successful company but others found that extrinsic motivation such as rewards and benefits are the best way to generate motivation. This has been proven by Taylor’s theory of motivation where workers are mainly focus on pay. Motivation don’t come naturally from inside. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has the theory that motivation comes from the human needs. The most common needs of human is physiological needs which include food, sex, breathing, water, sleep, homeostasis, excretion and etc. Elton Mayo with the Mayo’s theory of motivation differ from other theory we mention above. He expressed that working is not just about money (something that Taylor don’t agree). Some people get motivated by social relation at the work environment.

Whatever those theories are trying to prove, we will discuss the matter of motivation by reviewing the research related to motivation in the workplace by 5 researcher around the globe.

Motivation Literature Review


Article 1 Summary: Does Money Really Affect Motivation? A Review of the Research Relation between earning and performance are complex. people unable to determine their own price of work in ideal way. Some may said that high pay can produce good result but scientifically proven that it is more complex to tell these connection. The question is do you enjoy working for money or can higher salary make us demotivate? This question has been reviewed 120 years of research to find result from 92 quantitative studies by Tim Jugde and colleagues. From the result indicate that the relationship between salary and job satisfaction is very weak. It said that between salary and job satisfaction, there is less than 2% overlap. The pay and ideal pay is relatively marginally higher of about 4.8% overlap. Research also found that the relationship between pay to job satisfaction and pay to ideal pay have no significant differences between some countries.

From Gallup’s engagement research of 1.4 million employees from 192 organization across 49 industries and 34 nations, Gallup found that there are no significant difference by pay level. As the result from Gallup’s research, shows that money is not the only way to engage employees to their workforce....
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