Research: Twinning Program in Help Uni??

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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.0 Brief introduction on the topic
‘Why local student chosen HELP University twinning program instead of in-housing program’ is the topic that I had decided to do. What is HELP University? HELP University is one of the local Universities in Malaysia. It provides in-housing program and twinning program. In-housing program is the program that we need to study the whole course in HELP University. Conversely, twinning program is a program that provides us to transfer to their Partnership University.

1.1 Research objectives
The reason of local student chosen Twinning Programs (HELP University) would be my purpose of doing this research. Moreover, I will try to find out the answer of who influence their decision, twinning programs have a higher possibility of getting a job and majority of them choosing HELP University is because of twinning programs. Meanwhile, there are lots of students studying in University and they don’t know how to different between in-housing and twinning program. With this research we can help them to compare these two programs and let them know the right way to choose a Program.

1.2 Research questions
In the questionnaire I would like to ask 3 important questions. Firstly, who is the one that influence them to choose the program? The one influence them may be affect their future because choosing a program is like choosing a path for future. Secondly, is the reason of chosen twinning program? In this question we can know the element of consideration on choosing a program. Lastly, I would like to ask the program that most of them studying in HELP University. With this question, we can know which program is most attractive in HELP University.

1.3 Limitations of research
While doing this research, I found that there are several serious limitations that I faced. Firstly, it is the interviewee must be a local student, studying in HELP University and taking degree program. The reason of choosing degree student it is because twinning program is only provided for degree students only. Secondly is the manpower. Due to the shortage of manpower, it is impossible to interview everyone in twinning program. Lastly, time is the most serious limitation. With the lack of time, I couldn’t interview every student which is taking twinning program in this year. It should be a one year research, so that my data would be more accurate.

Chapter 2: Literature Review
2.4 Literature Review
If you are planning to save money and enjoy study as a part of your course abroad, then you might consider twinning program.

In India (1995), the concept of twinning programs started. In that period, majority of the foreign educators prefer studying the twinning because the living costs are low and income is high. However, students in India also prefer twinning program because it is cheaper than a course undertaken in abroad. Moreover, they can get a foreign degree and international exposure. For students who are taking twinning program, they have to know that their courses are usually cooperated with their foreign partnership.

There are several objectives that we are needed to considered before choosing a Twinning Program; quality of course, visa rejection and academic credit.

In the point of view quality of course, everyone will think that Europeans university are the best choice because most of them are top ranked school. Although, it is the truth but sometime it also wrong to presume that all Europeans institutions are good. Therefore, students must crosscheck whether the foreign degree they wish to obtain has more than just paper value.

VISA Rejection is another serious issue. In most of twinning program presume that students will obtain the visa. Therefore, most of the colleges do not have any backup plan for the students which are rejected in the visa application. So every single student has to check out what is the alternative source of...
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