Research proposal for Staff Motivation at Tesco

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human behavior Pages: 27 (9564 words) Published: January 1, 2014
Research paper
A critical analysis of staff motivation and its outcome at local retail store: a case study of Tesco

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Section 1: Introduction and Background
1.1. Introduction of the study:
Job satisfaction, employee turnover and other different factors are very much important to the present business organisation as it has a great influence on its strategic management and consequently on the revenue. Besides from the emotional motivation, financial or economic motivation works in most of the cases in retaining the efficient and skilled workers in the organisations.

Thus this study has an aim to critically analyse and evaluate staff motivation and its outcomes at local retail stores using case studies from Tesco. It has been revealed that staff motivation is becoming an integral part of an organization to increase and improve both personal and organizational performance in the rivalry market (Fargus, 2000). For example, Lauby (2005) has mentioned that staff motivation is one of the key aspects of an organization that helps the organization to ensure greater participation and contribution of people in completing organizational tasks and activities. In similar view, it has been recognized that staff motivation is one of the most studied issues in organizational behaviour that has critical impact of organization’s culture in achieving goals and objectives (Podmoroff, 2005). So, it can be noted that the proposed study is most relevant and appropriate to investigate and analyse key aspects of staff motivation and its different outcomes in an organization such as Tesco’s retail store. 1.2 Overview of Tesco Plc

Tesco has become world’s most popular grocery and general consumer goods market. It has created such a market which helped it to open branches in the world. The main office or the headquarters of Tesco is in UK and recently it has become the third largest revenue earning shop in the world and also become second biggest profit earning retailer in the world. Tesco has spread its business stores over 14 different countries. Tesco like other successful stores has earned the places among the best for brand extension. As per example Tesco mainly started its grocery business in the UK and then they headed for brand extension into other countries and thereby extended its brand by adding other products into their category. It has grown its’ popularity for its’ fashionable cloths, updated electronic products, well designed furniture, novels or book, internet services, financial services, DVD and Audio Music CD services and mobile phones. Tesco has proven its brand loyalty and thus could create such an image with which it extended the categories of goods. To expand its broad category Tesco first initiative was to add innovative use of technology in its business system. Through the use of modern communication technology Tesco has created a vast network of supermarkets and international marketing where 440,000 people work in different countries in different stores and achieved sales revenue over £ 59 billion (a year ending in February 2009). In that particular fiscal year Tesco’s operating profit increased to £ 3 billion which make it one of the largest retailers in Britain specially in terms of its total sale revenue and market share. Internationally Tesco earned the third largest retailer’s position in the world after Wal-Mart in USA and Carrefour in France. Employee satisfaction has been proven very much valuable to the world class companies. Thus Tesco has also given priority to their employee satisfaction which eventually would communicate to the customers and ensure success. Although it has earned some discredit as it was accused to violate the labour, gender discrimination, poor salary, longer work period, racial discriminations and some other employee related problems.

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