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This module facilitates the capturing of patient-related data at different entry points, enables queries at different workstations and generates reports at required frequency. The following details are part of this module:

Patient Registration

OPD, IPD and Investigation Cases
Ward Allocation
Patient Admission
Patient Transfer
Deposits and Advances
Automatic Charge Calculation
Estimate and Final Billing
Operation Theatre Scheduling
Receipts and Refunds
Discounts and Concession
Doctor Register
Patient Discharge
Patient Inquiries
Comprehensive Search Engine for Patient Search and Analysis

Patient Registration

This function of the Hospital Management Information System deals with registering new patients, for either OPD or IPD and issuing unique identification numbers to the patients. These numbers are unique throughout the system.

A patient can be registered either at the IPD front office or at the OPD reception. The OPD or IPD identification number is also created for each of the patient's separate visits. This also serves as a part of patient registration. The IPD/OPD ID is used for tracking the medical records of the patient for that particular OPD visit or IPD admission. All medical records of the patient are identified by a combination of numbers, i.e. Patient ID and OPD/IPD ID. The numbers allow for a flexible search in terms of finding the patient's history record.

Futurism Technologies
OPD / IPD Investigation Cases

This module of the Hospital Management System deals with all kinds of investigations suggested by doctors. The function enables the entry of investigations /procedures for a particular patient. The entered investigations are rooted through the billing/cash office and once the patient pays for the investigations, the entries of the same go to their respective diagnostics centers. This flow is not compulsory for IPD patients since the billing for IPD patients is done at the time of discharge. Investigation requisition is created and printed with function and the same is available at respective diagnostics centers for the preparation of reports.

Futurism Technologies
IPD Admission and Ward Allocation

This function, Patient IPD Admission, facilitates the process of patient admission and the allocation of beds to patients. The system identifies the patient as either a new IPD patient, or an intern referred from hospital OPD/CMO. This function gives information on vacant beds in a hospital. Occupancy status on that particular position can be ascertained while allocating the bed. The main function, Patient Admission, facilitates the admission of patients according to requirements, considering the type of admission and the patient's condition. The admission of a patient can be direct, or be a referral from a consultant or hospital. The category of the patient can be Company, Self, Government Schemes, Insurance or MLC ,depending on which the admission procedure is completed. Once the patient is admitted to the hospital, the room charge starts from the time of admission. The case paper of the patient is printed from the system and is sent to the proper nursing station. Once the admission of the patient is completed, an IPD identification number is created by the system for that particular admission of the patient. The IPD Admit Card is also printed along with the case paper. The system informs, with audio visual alerts ,the respective nursing station of the admission of the patient under them, allowing them to prepare room for the patient. In the case of MLC, the system stores the details of the police station, as well as the name of the official informed about the Medical Legal Case.

Futurism Technologies
Patient Transfer

This function of...
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