Report on Two University Courses

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Report on Two University Courses
* Introduction
* Finding
* Course structure
* Entry requirement
* Career Progression
* Fees
* Accommodation
* Location
* Conclusion
* Recommendation
* Bibliography/reference

1. Introduction
1.1 The two universities that I have chosen to do my report on are Birmingham and Bournemouth University; however I am going to do it on two similar but different courses. I am researched about Business Information Technology at Bournemouth University, and Computer Science with Business Management at Birmingham University. In this report you will find information about the course that I have chosen to take at university, the things I need to do to get on the course and the employability after and during the course. One of the limitations that might affect this report is that I have not been able to visit the universities myself, and I also have not been able to find out about how the transport works whilst you are a student at the university. 2. Findings:

2.2 According to the 2013 university rankings on guardian website, Bournemouth University is ranked 55th in the UK currently. In 2009 times higher education awards for university of the year Bournemouth was finalist, it was also the finalist in the research project of the year which was done by Professor Matthew Bennett. The research project conducted by Professor Matthew Bennett was the archaeological examination of early human footprints in the School of Applied Sciences. 2.3 In the guardian university rankings 2013 Birmingham University is currently ranked 30th. Higher Education Funding Council for England data 2011 placed Birmingham University in the 12 institutions in England with highest entry requirements. 3 Course structure and types of assignments:

3.1 Computer Science with Business Management at Birmingham University is a three year course studied at full time only there is no sandwich or part time available for this course. You will learn about computer programming in java, introductory course in economics, business organisation and financial analysis in your first year. 3.2 The fourth year of the course you produce a large piece of software in your degree project, you then get to select options from certain offers provided in the school of Computer Science. A large piece of software is produced in the final year in your degree project, and select options from a variety on offer in the School of Computer Science. There are typically four modules you could choose from, a total of around 20, including Computer Networks and Distributed Systems. You also study, strategic management, supply chain management and corporate finance on the business side. Business information technology

3.4 At Bournemouth University Business information technology is a four year course studied at full time. Although it is a four year course, in your third year you get industrial placement of your own choice minimum of 40weeks. The first year you study introductory courses in level C Business and Professional Issues, Computers and Networks. Level 1 Business Context, Data Management, Systems Design, and Integrating Team Projects, are subjects studied in the second year your study. 3.5 You will get the opportunity to pursue a topic of your choice, and to demonstrate your ability to study independently in your final year. The project will provide significant experience of identifying and systematically studying a problem and selecting, evaluating and implementing an appropriate approach. 4 Entry requirements:

4.1 if you want to study at Bournemouth they are entry requirements for each course. These are the entry requirement required for Business Information 260-300 tariff points, including 3 A-levels, or equivalent qualifications. Other recognised national degrees such as Access to higher education, in ICT/Science/Business normally with 21 Level 3 credits achieved at Merit, and 12 Level 3 credits achieved at...

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