Rate of Absenteeism

Topics: University, Education, South Africa Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Student absenteeism is a major concern for
lecturers at institutions of higher learning. Absences create a dead, tiresome, unpleasant classroom environment that makes students who come to
class uncomfortable and the lecturer irritable
(Marburger 2001). Absenteeism disturbs the
dynamic teaching-learning environment and adversely affects the overall well-being of classes (Segal 2008). In quality terms, absenteeism is a
waste of educational resources, time and human
potential. Student absenteeism also causes rework
and wasted time for lecturers (Lalek 1995;
Rumberger 1997). Lecturers who spend class time
re-teaching lessons take instructional time away
from students who attend class regularly, and the
extra time spent going over absentee homework
and class assignments takes time away from
lecturer planning periods and time needed to
provide individual assistance (Weller 1996). When
students are absent from class, they miss valuable information resulting from peer-lecturer interaction and the benefits of the specific examples lecturers use to clarify difficult concepts. This valuable part of the learning experience

cannot be replicated when lecturers re-teach
© Kamla-Raj 2011 J Soc Sci, 26(2): 89-97 (2011)
Causes and Structural Effects of Student Absenteeism:
A Case Study of Three South African Universities
Newman Wadesango and Severino Machingambi
Centre for Learning and Teaching Development, Walter Sisulu University, Republic of South Africa
KEYWORDS Absenteeism. University. South Africa. Students
ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to investigate the extent of student absenteeism in selected universities in South Africa, explore the reasons why student absent themselves from classes and examine the implications of student absenteeism. The study adopted the mixed methodology and used a survey research design as the operational framework for data gathering. Data were collected by self administered questionnaires and interviews with one hundred...
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