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Compare and contrast two theories of Motivation

Before I compare two theories of motivation I believe that it is important to first clarify what motivation truly is. Steers and Porter (1983) divide it into “three major components of motivation. The first is an energizing component. This is the force or the drive present in an organism which leads to some behaviour. Second, there is some directing function that guides the behaviour in a particular direction. For example, for the person who is hungry, behaviours are likely to forward obtaining food. Finally, motivation is maintaining or sustaining behaviour once it has occurred. The latter is particularly important to work settings in which job incumbents once hired and placed on jobs are expected to maintain high attendance, good performance , and the like, as long as they remain with the organization.” Motivation is merely a tool that managers use in order to maximise output and profit by getting current employees more dedicated and involved in their current positions with the possibility of promotion. Therefore I believe all motivation theories should encapsulate these main aspects of motivation. The two theories of motivation that I have chosen to compare in this essay are Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and McGregor’s theory X and theory Y. These two theories deal with motivation in different ways yet if u closely examine both I believe that you can find common ground between both theories with a manager or other staff member of higher status being the “directing function” behind their effort as stated above. In this essay I hope to prove that Maslow’s Hierarchy is a more concise and detailed version of McGregor’s Theory Y. Firstly we notice that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is divided up into seven parts while McGregor is divided in two separate theories. Maslow suggested that the various need levels are interdependent and overlapping, and that each higher-level need emerges before that lower-level need has...

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