Project on Employee Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: September 10, 2013
A Study on Motivating Employees

Motivation is a set of forces that directs an individual to the behavior that results in better job performance. A motivated employee might work harder than expected to complete the task proactively, find ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the work environment.

It is the willingness to exert high levels of effort to reach organizational goals, conditioned by the effort’s ability to satisfy some individual need

Motivation is the reason or reasons for engaging in a particular behavior, especially human behavior as studied in economics, psychology and neuropsychology. These reasons may include basic needs such as food or a desired object, hobbies, goal, state of being, or ideal. The motivation for a behavior may also be attributed to less-apparent reasons such as altruism or morality. Motivation refers to the initiation, direction, intensity and persistence of human behavior.

Two main components of motivation are the 'direction' of the behavior and its 'intensity' .

A positive direction refers to the act of choosing one of many choices that bring the individual closer to the goals. High motivation is a significant contributor to an exceptional performance. The effectiveness of an individual in an organization depends on few key factors, his ability to perform the assigned task, a healthy work environment and a reason that drives the individual to exceed the expectations. Skills and abilities can determine whether an employee is capable of performing a task.

Deficiencies in skills can be managed by appropriate trainings, on the job coaching, matching the skills against different available tasks or roles; similarly the work environment can be improved by providing better resources and facilities. However, motivating employees is complicated since it depends upon individual needs, aspirations and core values; it is significantly more challenging

Employee motivation is a major factor in the success or...
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