Pressure in University

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In this assignment I am going to outline the causes of pressure in the university, its effects and how to cope with it (pressure). To begin with, it is necessary that the meaning of the Words University and pressure are defined. According to the paperback oxford English dictionary (sixth edition), university is defined as a high-level educational institution in which students study for degrees and academic research is done. The paperback oxford English dictionary (sixth edition) defines pressure as a feeling of stress caused by the need to do something, while the Encarta dictionary defines it as the constant state of worry and urgency: powerful and stressful demands on somebody’s time, attention and energy. Therefore based on the two definitions above, it can be evidently noticed that a university is full of activities which may lead to a stressful feeling (pressure). Hence in this assignment some activities will be highlighted which lead to a stressful feeling rather ‘pressure’ as it is called in this case and also how to cope (adjust) to this stressful feeling in the university. Before one has been accepted to study at with a university, there is tension within one self as they wait for response from the university they had applied to. This pressure (tension) is usually caused if most of your friends in the community are being accepted to study with various institutions either in the country or even outside the country. This pressure affects one’s self confidence, the affected person tends to feel they are not good enough and their friends are better than they are. Once you have been accepted to study with the institution of your choice the pressure of being looked down on in the society as a failure in life is dealt with rather you tend to cope with it. Secondly, after one has been accepted to study at the University, there are a lot of speculations within one self. These speculations may be as a result of what you might have heard from others about ‘university life’, or maybe you could have had a privilege to watch a movie concerning life at the university, or even had a glimpse of it on news that had been broadcasted on television. The above listed pressure affected me because I had never been at the university campus before, but only saw part of the campus in advertisements about the school which appeared on television and newspapers. Tension can arise where one develops thoughts like is this really the way the campus looks like? Rather they might have strategically chosen nice looking parts of the school to capture and feature in the advertisements!!Eventually this proved to be true (the campus was not as exact as it appeared in the adverts). Below are some of the realities that I have found about life in the university, the causes of pressure encountered and how to cope with it (pressure). Adaptation to the environment

This refers to adjusting to the new environment (place).Having reported at the university, an orientation is necessary so that the new students are familiarised with different parts of the school. After orientation, the students to some extent become familiar with school. During the first week (the week of orientation), the stressful feeling usually is that of feeling home sick. This is as a result of the change in most time tables. For instance, the time for working up in preparation for the day’s activities, time to eat various meals more specifically, breakfast, lunch and supper. Among all the meals, the time for taking supper is usually the most difficult one to adjust .One needs to take their evening meal as early as six o’clock in the evening. To the contrary at home you can have your evening meal any time you fill like, especially after eight o’clock in the evening, hence you don’t experience hunger fast. Unlikehome, at this university you can have stressful (pressure) feeling especially when you are hungry. How you cope to this is simply to get the food and take to the...

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